With the new year just around the corner we are more than excited to share big news with you. From now on, we will be part of FREE NOW!

Cover for move lab joins FREE NOW!

Here to stay!

We will continue to pursue the curious, explorative and creative research around urban mobility you know from us. Starting today we are joining FREE NOW on their journey to becoming an enabler of multimodal mobility. This means creating scenarios, ideas and prototypes on how we (will) move through cities. We are more than happy with our new home but would also like to take the chance to look back.

The past year has been riddled with change on many levels. There was the announcement of big changes in our mother company paving the way to becoming a global mobility player. Which lead to very personal decisions of the team, like jointly moving to the new headquarters forming in Berlin (awesome to be here btw).

How many roads... ?

These kind of moments gave us all the chance to reflect on the couple of years of moovel lab that lie behind. In our case this unfortunately comes with a whole hearted farewell as our (now former Head of Lab) Daniel has decided to move on to new challenges in his life. Thanks for backing us in every thinkable situation and opening all doors you could for us to run into! This might sound cheesy but we couldn’t be happier about the time we’ve spent - you’re leaving as a friend.

One of the best things Daniel has created and left us with is our wonderful new identity. Becoming ‚move lab‘ has given us the opportunity to align with our new team at FREE NOW to pursue our joint vision:

We want to make mobility available for everyone, independent of age, income and location.

For us this means finding new, creative and uncanny ideas of understanding digital urban mobility. This can end in product ideas, but might just as well question the status quo with scenarios and speculative prototypes. We will continue to address and maybe even solve the challenges of digitalization and urban mobility, by shifting our perspective and enabling people to make up their minds about how we should move through cities.