Transportation in a box might sound crazy, but so does the future of mobility.

Let’s explore it together.

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Join moovel as we try out new ideas that could change the way people get around in cities. Our beta community receives early access to new products and features, influencing what we build.

moovel Group

With transportation on the edge of disruption, Daimler, the company that invented the automobile in 1886 and owns Mercedes-Benz, founded moovel to reinvent the concept of urban mobility. At moovel, we aim to discover how new technologies will affect the way we move tomorrow and connect the ever-changing state of urban transportation.


About the project

To create the future of transportation, you have to think outside the box. You’ve probably heard about autonomous vehicles, high speed trains or hyperloops, and new apps that help people get around, but what else is out there?

Keeping in mind that cities are becoming more densely populated and many transportation services are extremely crowded, we came up with the idea of ‘mobility in a box,’ a service that could easily be implemented in urban areas.

moovel-box-01 moovel-box-02

While not currently in development, the concept demonstrates the possibility of leveraging existing infrastructure and logistics services to help people get around cities in new and innovative ways. Imagine if we could use free space on trucks, trains, and cars to help people travel from point A to point B.

moovel lab

The mobility in a box concept is the brainchild of the moovel lab, an anti-disciplinary creative space, something in-between a research lab and a tinker’s garage. We approach urban mobility and data analysis from different angles and communicate our ideas, investigations and prototypes through visual projections of the future, making mobility a bit more tangible for everyone.