Make your journeys more characterful

Sproute helps diversify how you travel by offering a set of characters that all get you to your destination in different ways.

How does it work?

Like any other navigation app, it gets you from A to B! The twist is that instead of going down the busiest streets in town, Sproute offers a greater variety of experiences during your journey. You simply select the character that best fits the experience you would like to have, and off you go!

Characterful routing

The different ways of getting to your destination are personified in a dynamic cast of characters. From the many-eyed Sightseer, to the zen Commuter these characters help give you a role to immerse yourself into as you go about your trip.

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How many ways from A to B?

The project stemmed from the us asking ourselves how many routes could we really take between A and B? The assumption in most navigation apps is that we just want to get somewhere as fast as possible, but is that always the case? With this project we have started to highlight these other use cases.

Frictionfull Design

Taking a wrong turn or getting lost can be a blessing rather than a curse. It affords us the opportunity to explore our environments and learn new things about familiar places. Non-linear routing could be a way of introducing a little more uncertainty back into an overly efficient system.

More about our theory and process

Over the course of 4 months this project went from vague idea all the way to what you see today. Along the way we explored nearly every street in Berlin, pretended to be Ninjas, and learnt what Psychogeography is.

Here you can read more about our process and what led us here

How could this function in a more conventional app?

We really believe in the core idea of offering more diverse ways of arriving at your destination, however Sproute is more on the experimental end of the spectrum. So we also made a protoype to show how the same ideas could be brough into a more conventional app.

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