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Keep it lit, by avoiding dark streets at night

The Nightlight is a welcoming blob of light that helps you navigate confidently at night by avoiding dark or unlit streets as much as possible. This is done by analysing all the street lights between you and your destination and then finding the most well-lit route you could take.

Here we tried to show that efficiency and utility in navigation don’t just mean arriving as fast as possible, it also means being comfortable during the journey that we are taking.


To become one with a trip, you must experience all of its variations

The Commuter generates 100 routes between two locations of your choice (we recommend somewhere you often travel between, like work and home). Every time you travel between these two places, you are provided with a new way of making the journey.

There can be a tendency to not know anything about the streets that aren’t exactly on the route that we take to work or school. The evolving route of the Commuter allows us to understand out surroundings a little bit more every day.


Always keeping an eye (or 30) out for landmarks

The Sightseer will take you via historical and man-made landmarks throughout your environment as you travel to your destination. This is less of an extensive tour and more of a set of small diversions.

Discovering a city’s landmarks is a great way to begin to understand it, both for tourists and for locals. Familiarising yourself with landmarks helps strengthen your sense of direction by increasing your geographic reference points.