Beat the Traffic X

'Beat the Traffic X' is a magical way of using traffic data to face current challenges of urban mobility.

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‘Beat the Traffic X’ is an AI based mini game where you create a mobility wonderland in cities around the world.

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Dr. Traffic knows best!

Players can globally enchant traffic jams at iconic locations and turn them into nicer things like unicorns, rainbows and driving trees. Traffic participants are detected by computer vision based on machine learning, which allows the game to know where, what and how things are moving through the concrete jungle. It’s on the players dexterity to transform cars and collect all bonus points.

Once players have beaten the traffic in their city they may submit their highscore. After every game our mobility heroes also learn how many cars they’ve transformed and how few busses would have been needed for transporting their passengers!

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Good Bye moovel lab. Hello move lab!

...nope, you didn't have a typo in the URL. You're right where you wanted to be. Our the new home to moovel lab! Do you like it? From here on out, we will be part of REACH NOW. We're super excited about this new chapter in the life of this little lab of ours. In addition to new colors and logos, the biggest change is that we will no longer be located in the Swabian countryside, but rather smack in the heart of urban life in Germany: Berlin.

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