What the Street!? was derived out of the question “How do new and old mobility concepts change our cities?”. It was raised by Michael Szell and Stephan Bogner during their residency at moovel lab. With support of the lab team they set out to wrangle data of cities around the world to develop and design this unique Mobility Space Report.

What the Street!? was made out of open-source software and resources. Thanks to the OpenStreetMap contributors and many other pieces we put together the puzzle of urban mobility space seen above.

Read more about the technical details behind The Mobility Space Report: What the Street!? on our blog:


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What the Street!? is the
outcome of the

Logo of Residency Program


Stephan Bogner

Resident Artist

Michael Szell

Resident Researcher


Concept and Coding

Michael Szell

Stephan Bogner


Benedikt Groß

Website Front & Backend Engineering

Thibault Durand

Website Implementation Assistant

Tobias Lauer

Visual Design


Extended Team

Raphael Reimann
Joey Lee
Daniel Schmid
Tilman Häuser

City Data Wrangling Assistant

Johannes Wachs

Data Sources


OpenStreetMap is a free alternative to services like Google Maps. Please contribute, if you notice poor data quality.

Modal Share for Amsterdam, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Boston, Budapest, Chicago, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, Moscow, New York City, Portland, Rome, San Francisco, Singapore, Stuttgart, Tokyo, Vienna.

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