There are many more ways of getting to your destination than just the fastest route. Sproute introduces 3 characters that each offer a unique way for you to navigate and understand your surroundings, making your journeys more characterful.

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Characterful Routing

Maybe you want to gradually get to know your city during your commute? Or you could to go sightseeing on the way to your hotel?
Sproute is a navigation app that offers you a set of characters to choose between when navigating to your destination. Each of these characters has an associated algorithm that defines what kind of route is generated for you.

Efficiency ≠ Utility

The project stemmed from us asking ourselves, how many routes could we really take between A and B? Why does it always have to be the fastest? Through this project, we investigated when, how, (and most importantly) why we might start to deviate from the fastest path. In turn, this helped us reflect on the biased assumptions embedded in our technologies.

This is how Sproute works... guarantee on the mophing part though.


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