This is where we say bye-bye and thank you.

Cover for this is the end, my friend.

As they say, all good things come to an end. Unfortunately this also goes for 5 exciting years of moovel / move lab. Looking back, we are extremely proud of what we have created. But today is the day to move on from this.

One last piece we’d like to share with you is the magazine “OUR URBAN FUTURES” - a magazine that compiles our mind-space. It was intended to mark the new beginning of ‘move lab’, but can just as well be seen as a retrospective of our work. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Cover for this is the end, my friend.

flip through the mag.

Hope you enjoy reading this.

We’d like to take the chance to say farewell and thank you, to everybody who joined us on our journey of exploring the future of mobility. No matter if you questioned us, helped us, stood by and watched or we’re involved in our projects; THANKS! You’ve brought us a step further.

All the best,
move lab team (Raphael, Benedikt, Markus and Florian).