Did you ever have mind-blowing thought as a child that you could walk around the whole world in order to reach the other end of your garden? Well this project stemmed from Julius Ingemann Breitenstein having a similar thought, namely “How many different routes could you take to get from A to B?”.

Answering this question was the goal of his collaboration and residency at move lab, who have a wealth of previous experience asking inquisitive questions about mobility.

The resulting ideas were developed with the support of the whole lab, but particularly Florian Porada who worked on the development of almost all of the front-end and back-end.

Want to contribute?

The characters in Sproute only scratch the surface of possible functionalities. If you have made a routing algorithm, or have an character idea that you would like to share with us then please email:




Julius Ingemann Breitenstein

Frontend-, Backend- & App-Development

Florian Porada

Web Development

Markus Kreutzer

Extended Team

Daniel Schmid
Raphael Reimann
Benedikt Groß
Neele Rittmeister

Routing algorithm advisors

Paul Van Oldenmark
Nelson Oliveira

Character Design

Julius Ingemann Breitenstein
Neele Ritmeister

Video Music

Patric Schmitt
AKA ClarkTone